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The Square Wheel is possible

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The Square Wheel is Possible

Welcome everyone!

In this site I present a Great idea - The Square Wheel.
Lets put it frankly: The Square Wheel idea is one of important ideas of the centuries.
However generally everyday we are hearing locutions as: The triangle was an improvement of a Square Wheel - it eliminated one bump... Re-inventing of the Square Wheel... Square Wheels - Round numbers ... and more.
Accordingly matter of fact that real construction of Square Wheel is possible, make this invention great and promising.
Where the idea may be used?
At first I want surprise You that roll of Square Wheel is very restful and lenitive!
And if You will make it viable the basic possibility of the Square Wheel invention will be pointed:
- to create Your New Personal Product
- to create Your New Business Product
- to create Your New Marketplace
- to create Your New Future

From Author:

Yes, the Square Wheel is possible.

I invented it some years ago after one debate that the Square Wheel is impossible and unthinkable.
After I heard many other arguments that the Square Wheel cant be balanced... Cant make easy turns or turns with banks...
Millions and millions people in the world cant believe what the Square Wheel is possible.
I take leave to say other:
The Square Wheel is possible, conceivable and feasible !!!
I invite You to see videoclip on this page how a square wheel roll equal as easy round wheel. Be surprised and surprise Your friends.
If You have a great business idea for Square wheel use, I invite You to buy the Know How of my Square Wheel.
Surprise the millions people in the world.

Look forward to hear from You,

Tomas Jokubonis

The Square Wheel is Possible

Are You interesting in a Square Wheel idea purchase?
Please visit my Know How for sale page
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